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Lap Band, post fill instructions.

Just a reminder for all Lap Band patients, new or old, in relation to getting a fill of your Lap Band…

After an adjustment (fill), patients should be on a diet of clear liquids for 2 days, then advance to full liquid diet for 2 days.

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Lap Band® and Pregnancy

I found this information posted awhile ago in the public domain, and I had posted on my old, old website

Good information, in any case, for gastric band or possibly even sleeve patients.

General Pregnancy Guidelines in the Lap Band Patient:

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Welcome to!

It’s taken some time but I finally put the website together. It’s a work in progress, and I’m going to keep updating it and adding useful information.

I’d love to add your story to our website if you’d like to share.

Feel free to send me comments or feedback.

-Rich DiCicco, MD

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